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So far in April, we only had up days (in terms of BTC value). This is not surprising given that alts in general have been holding ground this month.

In March, from the time we started the trade board, BTC dominance was around 42.02% (3/8/2018). It ended the month with a BTC dominance of about 44.90% on 3/31/2018. (

In this period, trading alts was tough, but we managed to eek out some gains.

BTC dominance has since stayed flat and slightly down to 44.65% by 4/8. This means alts were sideways or slightly up for the most part against BTC, and this paved the road to gains everyday so far in April.

On 4/8, we were perfect at bat, with 2 break-evens (NANO, XMR) and 6 winners and no losers. 

GAS: 1.42%
XZC: 2.41%
XEM: 2.80%
VEN: 4.51%
POT: 4.56%
EMC: 7.67% (However, only 66% was filled, so it was more like 5% gain on EMC). 

This gave us 2,336,703 satoshis for an accumulated total of 16,578,375 (0.16 BTC) satoshis since 3/9.

The link below goes to the shared google sheet. You can also subscribe (with gmail) and I will share the access with you.

BTC/USD crossed above $7000 after a brief dip below. I am anticipating a push to $7300 area. Then let's see. ETH/USD was able to climb back above $400 and LTC/USD was able to climb above $120. I am not convinced crypto has bottomed, but these signs have been persuasive. I wouldn't mind leaning towards a possible bottom, but mainly still anticipating new lows in April from bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. The add/trim levels are still the same:



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