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Crypto Trade Board Review 4/7/2018

After consolidating narrowly around $6900, Bitcoin (BTC/USD) had a jolt during the 4/7 session, pushing above $7000. 

I am anticipating a push to $7300, but the market has been hanging around $7000 throughout the 4/7 session. Alts were again mixed. 

We had 3 winners today: 3.53% WABI, 3.81% BAT, and 10.96% WAX

However, WAX was only filled 25%, which translates to 10.95%/4 or 2.73% gain from WAX. 

These trades netted a total of 1,007,959 satoshis (0.01 BTCs) for a total of 14,241,671 satoshis (0.14 BTCs) accumulated since 3/9. 

View the trade board in April from the link below. You can also subscribe on CoinPowR and view it on google drive (use your gmail to subscribe)

We filled 4 new positions, buying ETC at 195,000 satoshis, GAS at 2120 satoshis, XEM at 3210 satoshis, and ZEC at 2,605,000 satoshis. 

The BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD add/trims are still the same:

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