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Crypto Trade Board Review 4/6/2018

As bitcoin (BTC/USD) consolidated, the alts were mixed.

We had 3 Losers (ADX: -0.24%, GNT: -0.88%, ICX: -1.04%) 

and 3 Winners (ZIL: +0.87%, AION: +4.35%, NANO: +5.58%)

We added 863,433 satoshis (0.08 BTCs) for a total of 13,233,712 satoshis (0.13 BTCs) accumulated since 3/9. 

Had to make a few adjustments to limit losses. Overall, we could have been a bit more aggressive today, but we were conservative and had orders a little too far below some names that eventually did get a pump. Still, in the long-run, our tact will result in steadier performance than the tact of chasing pumps. 

*All the gains are in satoshis, and we assume a position size of 10,000,000 (0.1 BTC) satoshis for each trade.

The BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD add and trim levels have not changed in the past week.

Remember, our add at $110 for LTC/USD and $405 for ETH/USD already triggered. Earlier in March, our add BTC/USD at $7,300 also triggered. 

It has been a bad couple of months for crypto, and we are adding into this dip in anticipation of a turn around in the second half of the year, even if it is not back to the December/January levels. 

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