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The 4/5 session was another mixed one, which is a good sign for me, because "NON-correlation" is good when diversification, and when we are putting in 20+ orders, we are trading a diversified portfolio. 

Bitcoin is basically stuck roughly between $6600 and $6900. In a range, we can make some gains mostly from volatility. 

We had:
3 Ls: -0.58%, -1.89%, and -2.64%
6 Ws: 0.97%, 1.29%, 2.76%, 3.00%, 3.87%, 5.34%

With 10,000,000 satoshi for each position, the result is a 1,212,764 satoshi gain, for a cumulative gain of 12,370,278 satoshis since 3/9.

 BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD trim levels did not change:

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