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So far in April, we had three days where we were able to accumulate more bitcoins through trading altcoins. 

4/1/2018: 5 small winners to 2 small losers. 
4/2/2018: 4 small to mid-size winners to 2 small losers
4/3/2018: 8 winners ranging from +2.09% to +26.73% and NO LOSERS

We accumulated around 5.3 Mil satoshis (around 0.05 BTC) during the 4/3 session. This more than doubled our total gains to 9.9 Mil satoshis (almost 0.1 BTC) since we started this trade board on 3/9/2018. 

The Add and Trim levels for BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and LTC/USD did not change from the 4/2 session.

Price recently triggered a ETH/USD buy at $405 and a LTC/USD buy at $110. 

ETH/USD is around $400 and LTC/USD is around $130 as of 11:00PM EDT. 

Ethereum (ETH/USD) Has More Downside Risk Towards $300

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Recovery Faces Resistance Around $7500