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I have been updating the trade boards, but did not have a chance to really review them until today. 

In the past three sessions, a lot has happened. 

Bitcoin rallied all the way to $9700 only to fall back to $8600. It still looks heavy. 

Meanwhile, alts were mostly down but saw some pops. But for us, we were mainly dealing with stop losses. Due to execution slippage (basically not being able to manage trades when needed), stop losses got a little more than we planned for. 

Ended up with a loss of  -2,267,247 satoshis, making our total since 3/9 49,221,547 satoshis (0.49 BTCs). 

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We trimmed BTC at 9350, which was a good idea. Now, we wait to add back in when price gets to $7600. 

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