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Bitcoin was stuck trading just under $9000 during the 4/22 session. Alts stabilized, and we got back in a few positions while being cautious for the most part and looking for bigger dips to get in. 

The 4/22 session netted us 1,174,365 satoshis for a total of 5,0649,044 satoshis (0.5 BTCs) since 3/9. 

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The breakdown was:

1 Loser: PPT (-1.68%) and
3 Winners: WAN (+2.90%), ETC (+4.66%), ZEC (+5.86%). ZEC was a essentially a freebie.

The add/trim levels for BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD are:

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) - Breaks out of Congestion Under $9000; Testing Resistance at $9180

ZEC/BTC - Sometimes the Market Gives You Freebies