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Bitcoin continued to rally and pushed to $8850 before finding resistance, for now. We discussed the prospect of bitcoin pushing to $9000 after failing to complete a head and shoulders pattern. Basically, it was a failed top that turned into more bullish energy. 

Alts were mixed during the 4/20 session, and looked "toppy" in general. We had a lot of trade adjustments to bring down our target levels in order to lock in profit earlier in case they do top.

The 4/20 session resulted in an additional 5,511,586 satoshis for a total of 48,488,476 satoshis (0.48 BTCs) accumulated since 3/9. 

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The break down was:

2 break evens,
6 losers: DCR (-0.21%), OMG (-1.39%), ONT (-1.71%), WAVES (-3.37%), SC (-5.17%), NXS (-5.97%) and,
6 Winners: AION (+1.47%), STEEM (+3.96%), VEN (+7.54%), BNT (+14.43%), EOS (+19.82%)

Yes, there was as many losers as winners, but the winners were much bigger, giving us one of the better trading days since 3/9. 

The add/trim levels have recently been adjusted for BTC/USD to trim around $9350 instead of $9800. 

Crypto Trade Board 4/21/2018 - Alts Get Choppy

Crypto Trade Board 4/19/2018