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Bitcoin showed some resilience, and alts were mostly rallying slightly faster. So it was more of less "easy" to trade alts this week. Because of the bullish sentiment of late, we are going for higher targets than if the market was sideways or bearish. 

Because we allowed for higher (>10%), a lot of trades remained live throughout the past couple of sessions. Today, we made 1,044,936 satoshis for a total of 42,976,890 satoshis (0.43 BTCs) since 3/9/2018

The breakdown was:

2 Winners: GNT (+1.88%) and PIVX (+8.57%). We had to adjust GNT because it looked like it will need more time to correct. It hit our stop, but we allowed for volatility to get us out with a small gain.

The add/trim levels are mostly the same, but I think if Bitcoin moves to $9350, we can trim, instead of waiting for $9800. 

Crypto Trade Board 4/20/2018

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