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Another strong day in the alt market. Hodlers are feeling good. Traders will feel like they are missing some pops, but have to keep in mind that they will also be able to step out of bear markets when Hodlers watch the bleeding. The point is to sustain a good gains to volatility (Sharpe Ratio).

So far in April, we have kept our streak of gaining BTCs. The 4/18 session yielded 3,791,131 satoshis for a total of 41,931,954.65 satoshis (0.419 BTCs) since 3/9 with a starting position of 3 BTCs. 

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The breakdown was:

2 Losers: XVG (-1.25% * 60% position size) and NANO (-2.91%)
4 Winners: NEO (+8.96%), ELF (+9.83%), CND (+11.16%), and POLY (11.61%)

The BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and LTC/USD add trim levels remain the same, but we are starting to think crypto could be bottoming and might have to move up our buy levels soon.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Refused to Top, and Might Push to $9000

Crypto Trade Board - 4/17/2018