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Crypto Trade Board Review - 4/16/2018

It was a mixed to slightly bullish day for alts in general. I think this bull run is going to get turned around this week. We are not going to hug price to get an entry and instead wait for dips. We might miss some random rallies, but we will control risk better this way.

With our less aggressive tactic, we continued our streak of gains in April, with an additional 2,292,858 satoshis during the 4/16 session, making it a 36,516,280 satoshi (0.36 BTC) gain so far since 3/9

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The breakdown was 2 break even trades,
1 loser: WTC (-0.75%) and
5 winners: ETC (+1.64%), LSK (+4.03%), XCP (+4.10%), MANA (+6.95%), WAX (+6.97%)

We had to make a lot of adjustments because we started off aggressively but the market did not feed into our aggressive targets. Price action prompted a lot of adjustments to reduce the target and thus lock in some profits. 

The add and trim levels for BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD are still the same since they are based on a longer time-frame than our daily trades in the general alt market. 

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) 4H Chart Shows a Head and Shoulders Pattern

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