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Another day, another dollar, my mother will holla
She said "go and see the world for myself, and my brother should follow"

- Nas (

This is the spirit of my trade board - to explore trading crypto (using my training from trading forex and stocks) and share my experience with you so you may see some reason to follow and perhaps improve on my experience. 

I brought up this quote because today, we almost ended our April streak, so I wanted to make sure I got to say "another day another dollar". 

We ended the 4/17 session with an additional 1,624,542 satoshis, making it a total of 38,140,823 satoshis (0.38 BTCs) since 3/9.

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The break down was
1 Loser: BNB (-1.51%) and,
1 Winner: VTC (+17.75%)

Our add and trim levels for BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and LTC/USD are still the same because in the medium-term, nothing has really changed, and there could still be downside for crypto after the recovery so far in April.



Crypto Trade Board 4/18/2018

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