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Crypto Trade Board Review - 4/15/2018

We were aggressive during the 4/14 session to enter trades during a general altcoin market bull run. But this bull stalled after one more push in the 4/15 session. Meanwhile, Bitcoin reached almost $8400 and found resistance as we anticipated

Because of this possible top, we became more conservative during the 4/15 session, and made many adjustments to cut our target short. For example, we cut short the ZRX target from 10,000 satoshis, to 9200 satoshis and gained 17.12% against Bitcoin.

As our April streak continues, we netted 3,398,673 satoshis for a total of 34,223,421 satoshis (0.34 BTCs) accumulated since 3/9.

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The breakdown was 1 break even and 4 Winners: BCD (+2.41%), GAS (+6.55%), NEO (+7.91%), ZRX (+17.12%) and no losers.

The add and trim remain the same for BTC/USD, LTC/USD and ETH/USD

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