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Crypto Trade Board Review - 4/13/2018

Thanks to another push higher in BTC/USD and even stronger push by altcoins in general, our April streak continues.

We continued to be aggressive, but some trades in the later 4/13 session were probably too aggressive resulting in minor losses. The bullish "energy" seem to have receded, so we reduced some targets in order to reduce some exposure as well as lock in some gains.

The result was a net of 5,417,606 satoshis for a total of 27,322,369 satoshis (0.27 BTCs) since 3/9.

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During the 4/13 session, we had
1 Break Even: GVT(+0.29%)
5 Losers: AE (-1.58%), MTL (-1.68%), ADA (-2.46%), EMC (-3.57%), BNB (-4.93%)
7 Winners: VTC (+2.04%), BAY (+4.89%), WAVES (+7.07%), ZEC (+7.87%), XLM (+10.20%), SNT (+18.63%), BTS (+18.66%)

BTC/USD continues to hover around $8000. ETH/USD hit $500, which was our trim level. With our add at $405, this was an almost 25% gain. LTC/USD rallied but was unimpressive compared to most alts. For now, the add/trim levels remain the same. But if crypto turns bullish, we will have to adjust.




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