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Crypto Trade Board Review - 4/11/2018

Our April streak continues, and all the positions during the 4/11 session are in the green so far if we close them out. However, because alts are rallying en masse, we allowed higher targets for many of the open positions in case the rally extends. 

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We had 2 Winners:
XRP (+1.10%), AION (+11.74%)

We added 1,284,004 satoshis during the 4/11 session for a total of 19,033,704 satoshis (0.19 BTCs) since 3/9. 

This was nothing to brag about because most of the alts rallied today. In fact, we left at least 5% on the table from XRP. 

We did adjust to the current environment by being more aggressive today (making entries closer to price instead of waiting for a bigger dip to buy, and projecting targets outside of today's session. 

Add/Trim Levels for BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and LTC/USD

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) moved its consolidation just under $6850 to a consolidation just under $6950. Ethereum (ETH/USD) and Litecoin (LTC/USD) both rallied faster percentage-wise.

The add/trim levels remain the same, and we are now above our latest add value for LTC/USD ($110) and ETH/USD ($405). 

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