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Crypto Trade Board Review - 4/10/2018

Bitcoin has been trying to recover, but I think there is still downside. We noted that if there is a rally, we should monitor the $6900 area. So far, this area has held as resistance. Above that, we can see a pop back to $7200-$7300 area. 

Meanwhile, alts had a good day, but we were not that aggressive. The result:
1 Loser: DASH (-2.97%) 
2 Winners: POWR (+3.90%), WTC (5.35%)

This netted us a gain of 627,758 satoshis (0.06 BTCs) for a total gain of 17,749,700 satoshis (0.177 BTCs) since 3/9 when we started tracking our crypto trade board. 

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Meanwhile, the BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD add/trim levels remain the same:

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Continues to Chop Around Now Testing $7000

Ethereum (ETH/USD) in Short-term Accumulation with Possible Upside to $500