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Crypto Trade Board Review - 4/9/2018

Our streak in April is still intact. Out of a mix of winners and losers, we netted 543,566 satoshis for a total gain of 17,121,942 satoshis since 3/9. 

The BTC/USD's brief stay above $7000 suggests there is more downside. Also, overall price action recently signals bearish continuation

Alts were recently percolating. But those that pumped are now slowly retracing those gains. Meanwhile, we had a lot of range-bound action that we try to buy around support. 

We resulted in 5 Losses: ZIL (-0.34%), ICX (-1.01%), SNM (-2.15%), LSK (-2.91%), VTC (-3.00%). 
5 Winners: BLZ (+0.60%), ADA (+1.37%), QTUM (+3.17%), EOS (+4.82%), IOTA (+4.88%).

There were minor adjustments, and SNM had some execution slippage past its stop. Fortunately, we also were able to allow some gains to go beyond original target slightly. EOS for example started to rally sharply, and we were able to capture some more gains. 

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The add/trim levels for BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and LTC/USD are still the same. Expect some more downside in all three. 

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Trying to Recover, Monitor $6900

After Brief Recovery, Bitcoin's Price Action Suggests Further Downside