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Crypto Trade Board 3/28/2018 - Flat Market Calls for Balanced Approach

We are coming off a rough day, but actually came out slightly up after 7 losers to 3 winners and 1 break-even. This is not surprising given my trades have around 2:1 to 3:1 reward to risk. Here is 3/27 session trade board at completion:

The 3/28 session looks flat so far (US morning session) and has equal chance of continuing the downtrend or making a recovery, though I think its closer to 60/40 chance of downside. Therefore we should stay light and balanced - meaning we should not enter too many positions (like we had in 3/27 session), and we should allow some live positions a chance to rally both in the near-term and over the next couple of sessions.

Here's today's trade board: (subscribe to get access to any live updates and previous records)

The support and resistance levels to add or trim BTC, ETH, and LTC remain the same:



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