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Crypto Trade Board (3/27/2018) - Expecting Some Relief after Spanking

The crypto market is essentially in a consolidation / correction phase.

3/26 was a bearish session. 3/27 is so far a flat one, showing some signs of relief after the spanking crypto took in the previous session.

If so, we should place some trades with wider target/stops along with our intra-session trades.

Here is today's trade board:

  • Started the day with some losses from the previous session. No need to be discouraged, and probably more reason to be encouraged to slam it more today after a couple of bad sessions.
  • US session looks like it wants to buy, so we set up some trades for intra-session swings. 
  • But we also sprinkled some orders for longer-term trades in case a strong recovery swing materializes.
  • The thing with these longer time-frame trades, we should move stop to break-even during the 3/27 session in case the 3/28 reverses (bearish) instead of extends (bullish).
  • This is likely going to be one of those days where it's either 5% gain, or 2%-3% loss.
  • The levels for BTC, ETH and LTC are the same as yesterday's:



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