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Crypto Trade Board 2.0 (3/26/2018) - Filled: RCN, VEN, WAN, XLM - Open trades: BTS, MCO, XEM, XMR

So, after some feedback, I realized that the only person that could understand my trade board was me. Of course!

Well, after reformatting all the trade ideas going back to 3/9/2018, I think I have a more intuitive trade board for you. Feedback is greatly appreciated! The point is to make this useful for your trading. 

Trade Board on google sheet (there is a guide on the first sheet with some notes).

Trade Board 3/26/2018:

Coming off a Bearish Session

  • This session follows a session of losses. The general crypto market was bearish, and alts were retreating further as well.
  • Bitcoin fell to 8K, so I think there will be some support there, which could also offer alts some near-term support.

Filled: RCN, VEN, WAN, XLM

  • The Trade Board shows 6 posisions, 4 of which were opened during the morning of the US session.
  • The 4 (WAN, VEN, XLM, RCN) are near-term/short-term trades meant to be closed during the US session today .
  • PIVX and DASH have wider stops and targets meant to probably close in a session or two if it goes to target. If crypto bleeds further today, then the stop loss might be today. 

Open trades: BTS, MCO, XEM, XMR

  • As of 9:45AM EST, we also have open orders for BTS, MCO, XEM, and XMR.
  • BTS is meant to be a short-term swing trade (couple of sessions), while the other three are meant to be more med-term swing trade (week or two). 


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