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Decred/Bitcoin (DCR/BTC) Shifting Speed: Short-term Upside

DCR/BTC might be gearing up for a bull run in the shor-term.

DCR/BTC 30Min Chart

  • The 30-min chart above shows that DCR/BTC has been sliding.
  • Then, it found support around 0.0047 BTC. It went sideways for a couple of days.
  • During the 12/4 session, it started to make some higher lows and higher highs.
  • Is this be the start of a bull run?
  • With resistance still showing around 0.005050, DCR is still neutral-bearish.
  • Clearing 0.0051 would be a good confirmation of upside.
  • The bullish outlook has 0.005650, then the 0.0060 level in sight. 0.0060 is slightly aggressive, but if price can move up there fast, it could also reach 0.0064.
    Trade Plan with Reward to Risk
  • First wait for price to clear 0.005050
  • Entry at 0.005020
  • Stop 0.004615 (-8.07%)
  • Target 1) 0.005620 (+11.95%)
  • Target 2) 0.005960 (+18.73%)
  • Target 3) 0.006425 (+27.99%)

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