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XMY/BTC Bullish Breakout; Waiting for Pullback

Strategy: Buy on a dip after bullish breakout

courtesy of Tradingview: Bittrex

courtesy of Tradingview: Bittrex

The breakout is strong and pushed the 1H RSI above 70, which indicates strong momentum. It also warns against getting in now. I want to wait until a correction. 

If the market gives me a deep correction, I will be in. If not, I will reassess. 

Entry: 37 Satoshi

Stop: 32 Satoshi (13.5%)

1) 45 (21.62%)
2) 50 (35.14%)
3) 55 (65%)

FUN/BTC - Range Play (190-250) Satoshi

PotCoin (POT) Pump and Dump Volatility Play