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Storj/Bitcoin (STORJ/BTC) in a Breakout and Pullback

We recently looked at STORJ/BTC and noted that it was coming down to a key support. Price ended up consolidating above that support. Then it broke above the consolidation range, and looks like it is setting up a bullish attempt.


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  • The 1H chart shows price consolidating in a range and then starting to climb. 
  • The breakout has so far been slow, but there is some decent volume - not great.
  • Still, the fact that price was able to push to 0.00010000 suggests the market has completed a price bottom.
  • Now there is a pullback, let's look at a trade idea:
    Trade Plan with Reward to Risk
  • Entry 0.00008680
  • Stop: 0.00007940 (-8.53%)
  • Target 1) 0.00009880 (+13.82%)
  • Target 2) 0.00011500 (+32.49%)
  • Target 3) 0.00013300 (+53.23%)

    STORJ/BTC 4H Chart

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