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Lisk/Bitcoin (LSK/BTC) - Breakout and Pullback

LSK/BTC is in a bullish breakout from a triangle. It is also pulling back after the breakout.

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  • The overall trend in the 1H chart has been bullish until price started to consolidated. 
  • Still price remained mostly above the 200-hour simple moving average (SMA). 
  • Furthermore, the RSI stayed away from 30, which shows lack of any bearish momentum.
  • The breakout from the triangle is a sign price might retest those highs just above 0.0015. 
  • Let's set up a simple trade plan:
    Trade Plan with Reward to Risk
  • Entry at 0.00122000
  • Stop at 0.00113000 (-7.28%)
  • Target 1) 0.00132500 (+8.61%)
  • Target 2) 0.00149000 (22.13%)

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