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BitcoinCash/Bitcoin (BCC/BTC) in a Breakout and Pullback

BCC/BTC is a volatile beast so be careful trading it. With that being said, price just broke above a triangle. Perhaps we should wait on a dip.

BCC/BTC 1H Chart

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  • The breakout was strong but there is a strong resistance as well. 
  • Still looking at the RSI, it looks like the market kept the bullish momentum from 11/17-11/18. 
  • After holding above 0.14, I think bcc/btc is making another bull run.
  • Price might retreat during the 11/22 session. If it does, we should monitor the .145 to .150 area for possible support. This is a wide area, but BCC is a volatile beast.
  • Stop should probably be around 0.1390. 
    Trade Plan with Reward to Risk:
  • Entry: 0.1500
  • Stop: 0.1390 (-7.33%)
  • Target 1) 0.1650 (+10%)
  • Target 2) 0.1800 (+20%)
  • Target 3) 0.2000 (+33.33%)

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