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SolarCoin/Bitcoin in a Breakout; Buy on a Dip

SLR/BTC has been very choppy but mostly sideways. On the daily chart it looks like it has been developing a rounded bottom. Today, it looks like it completed this bottom with a bullish breakout.


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  • The daily chart shows that price has been somewhat violent. 
  • There appeared to be intense resistance, shown  by the long candlestick tails.
  • This is until November when price was able to steadily climb above those candlestick tails. 
  • At this point, I think SLR/BTC is a candidate to buy-on-a-dip.
    Trade Plan:
  • Entry: 7805 satoshis
  • Exit: 5730 (-26.59%)
  • Target 1: 10000 (+28.12%)
  • Target 2: 12000 (+53.75%)
  • Target 3: 15000 (+92.18%)

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