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Ripple XRP/BTC Rips and Dips but Stays Within Range

In the intra-day charts (1H and 15min candles), we saw a pump and dump in XRP/BTC. But this is really just noise within the November range.


  • There is support around 0.00002600 BTC area and resistance around 0.00004000.
  • There is also a lower support around 0.00002440 and a closer resistance just below 0.00003600.
    Tentative Plan:
  • Entry 1: 2650 satoshis.
  • Entry 2: 2605 satoshis.
  • Stop: 2390 satoshis
  • Target 1: 3400 satoshis
  • Target 2: 4000 satoshis
  • Target 3: 4800 satoshis (Only if price has built strong case of bullish reversal ie. support holding at 3000 satoshis.)

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