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IOTA/Bitcoin is Turning Bullish, FOMO or Buy on Deeper Pullback

Price action in IOTA/BTC or IOT/BTC has been bullish since it touched 45000 satoshis at the start of November .It has recently touched 115000 and still looks bullish.

  • 4H chart shows there could be upside to at least 120000.
  • The RSI reflects the fact the market is becoming a bit choppy (thus the bearish divergence).
  • 1) Enter around 100000,  with stop around 94500, and targets of 120000 and 130000.
  • 2) Wait for pullback to 85000, stop at 79000, and targets of 100000, 114000, 120000. 
  • The first option caters to FOMO, and the second looks for retracement with more conservative targets. 
  • I think a deep correction to 70000 could still be within the context of a bullish trend development. 

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