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Hshare/Bitcoin (HSR/BTC) Creeping Up

HSR/BTC has been rallying. In a bullish trend, we can be more aggressive with entry than in a sideways market. 

  • Note that price has been holding above the 100-hour simple moving average (SMA).
  • It is now testing the 100-hour SMA again. 
  • This 0.00250000 BTC area might become support. 
  • If it comes down to 0.00230000, it is probably flattening, and eventually the volatility might die down as it in the previous triangle.
    Trade Plan:
  • Entries at 1) 0.00260000 2) 0.00240000
  • Stop: 0.002320
  • Target 1) 0.00319000
  • Target 2) 0.00340000
  • Target 3) 0.00398000

Storj/Bitcoin (STORJ/BTC) Could be Gearing up for a Bull Run