Hello, I am
Fan Yang.

Investor and Trader in Stocks, Forex, and Now Cryptos


Me as an Investor:

I have been an independent forex (currency) trader since 2006, and an equity trader from even earlier (since my HS years during the dotcom bubble). 

I started trading crypto seriously in 2017. 

I am a no BS trader and investor who is NOT going to romanticize about how easy trading is, or how you can coast into becoming a millionaire. 

It's a grind, but I love it, and have gotten really good at it. My goal here is to share my trading ideas and philosophies. 

CoinPowR's Agenda: 

I continue to invest and learn about the space and have 2 goals for CoinPowr:

1) Discuss opportunities to invest and trade in the crypto space. 

2) Figure out how to build out the crypto ecosystem i.e. better GUIs, cybersecurity, regulations.